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Who am I

I am Marcela Enriquez Wakeham, a somatic movement practitioner.

I have been blessed to learn this way of working with Cacao Ceremonies through my blood line tradition in the cold towns of the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico, and the warm jungle territory of Tabasco.

I have the honor to study with Maru Albor Bibian, and Grandfather Efren Hernandez a truly Cacao Guardian. They taught me the ways of the Cacao Maya tradition and make me remember the sacredness of this practices though the undivided love for the cacao medicine plant.

Maru helped me remember how to communicate with each other when we want to speak our truth and how to pray to X’ Kakaw Spirit. Grandfather Efren transmitted me the memory of the traditional Maya Cacao Ceremony and help me understand the importance to feel and tend the Cacao biodiversity, as well as taught me how to make the full cacao beverage processĀ 

Now I can now say I live an incredible aliveness of my Sacred Traditions through the Cacao Plant Medicine.