Cacao Spirit Initiation

4 Day Online Workshop with 

Maru Albor Bibián  & Marcela Enriquez Wakeham

Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th  and
Tuesday 14th – Wednesday 15th of SEPTEMBER
17:00 – 21:00 UK Time Every Day
PRICE £260 for the  4 days


Our intention is to transmit to the participant the knowledge around this sacred plant; from the history and legends, why it is used in ceremonies, types of cacao, recipes, and all the traditional ritual involved in a ceremony, as well as how to connect and ask permission to the energies and cacao guardians.

In these workshops the participant will learn how to sit in prayer and to communicate with the spirit of cacao as a medicinal plant.

The aim is to provide a tool to navigate life with more ease with the help of this beautiful ancestral plant which has been used for thousands of years.

This workshop can help you with:
Resolving internal and external conflicts, communicating your truth, communicating in a more loving way, communicating with Spirit, developing the ability to listen, unblock emotions, and help you to have access to more insight and creativity.


Maru Albor Bibián

Is a medicine woman, she facilitates ancestral medicine ceremonies with Rapé and Cacao. She is an energetic therapist working with reiki and chakra balancing, as well as she does group and one-to-one healing sessions, as well as women circles with medicine songs and prayers. She lives in Mexico City.

Marcela Enríquez Wakeham

Has been running ancestral medicine ceremonies since 2015, she offers an embodied approach using traditional shamanic journeys and movement medicine. She is in an active process of tracing back and reclaiming her Yaqui Indigenous roots, she consciously decided to carry and remember her ancestral knowledge from her blood family linage living in the Sonora desert in Mexico, she is in commitment with the Great Spirit to spread the Mexika/Anahuaca wisdom into these times. She facilitates Temazcal and Cacao Medicine in UK.

Maru and Marcela were both born and raised in the city of Mexico Tenochtitlan

Preparing for Autumn

Cacao Ceremony

12th of September

At Salt Water Studios, Worthing

With Belz and Marcela

This ceremony and circle carries the intention of shedding and letting go of things we do not wish to carry with us in to the colder, darker months – and igniting our inner, warming light that will guide and keep us through the times of deep rest and stillness that comes with the new seasons.
Using the heart opening medicine of Cacao in a traditional ceremony, a shamanic journey, energy cleansing rituals and a sharing circle we will honour and bear witness to the internal change of seasons that we experience at this time of year.
Setting a deeply sacred and safe space for you to explore all that resides within you.. along with the careful curation of medicine and practices, this will be a powerful afternoon with the potential for you to release stagnant energy and plant some nourishing seeds for yourself that will continue to blossom in the months to come.
We are so looking forward to be with all of you.
Warmest Love
Belz and Marcela


Ek Chuah Spirit Cacao; Ix Chel blend contains adaptogens mushrooms, turmeric and cardamom, and it has been blessed by ceremonial songs during the preparation, to strengthen the potency of the ritual.

I created this cacao blend for our moon rituals, it has been blessed with the Spirit of IX CHEL, the beautiful Mayan moon Goddess. She’s our Lady of the Light, “she who sees the way forward with unclouded vision.” Ix Chel is the patron saint of medicine, midwifery, healers and ‘curanderos’, mother of mothers, she is O or Zero, and mother of Ek Chuah, the cacao and warrior God himself, and she is a Triple Goddess to the Mayans. Each of her roles is personified by each stage of the moon cycle.

In the first aspect is “The Rainbow Lady“; young woman, the maiden, the virgin, sitting on the crescent moon embracing a rabbit. She who sends the rain to nourish the plants and living creatures. The second aspect is “The Mother” the full moon, holding a flower or a child to represent life and fertility. The third aspect, “The Crone”, the “weaver of life” with a snake that acts as a tiara, sometimes with a kilt made up of crossbones, connected to the waning and new moon.


How to prepare a cacao ceremony cup

I sell single ceremonial bags which contain 42g, but every body is different, and some people can be very sensitive to the effect of this medicine. In that case 25g to 30g of cacao is enough for a ceremonial dose, as well as for an early morning dose.

A meditation dose could be 10g to 15g

Each ceremonial bag will be delivered with 42g, but can be customised in this way; because I use the heart shape moulds it is very easy to measure your intake. Each heart weights approximately 6g to 7g. Because each heart is hand made they tend to have this slight variation in difference.

  • All hearts for a ceremony – 42g
  • 3 hearts for a good wake up morning cup – 25g to 30g
  • 1-2 herts for a meditation low dose before bed – 10g to 15g

If you are preparing for your kids one heart will be a great cup for them.


£6.30 for 42g including postage in UK

To all purchase please contact me and I will send you a paypal link