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Hi, welcome to my webpage

I am Marcela I live in Lancing, West Sussex, UK.

I offer classes online and in person.

Here I will offer you a few things to try out and have fun, things that may make your metal and physical life more interesting, more connected and more enlivening as well as things which may help to alleviate stress and tension.

That sounds good huh?

But first you need to try out one, two or all of my Embodied Practices that I offer. Why ’embodied’? What does that mean exactly? All the practices I teach are deeply rooted in the experience of the body as perceived from within by you, first-person. The word embodied means: To make part of a system or whole; to incorporate. And this is what I intended, to make you part of the experience you are undertaking with me, so you can then incorporate the practice in your day-to-day living.

I offer:


Restorative Pilates

Slow flow

Chakra Balancing


Somatic Education for Yoga Teachers

Embodied Anatomy and physiology of Movement


Pulsing Massage Bodywork

Dance of Awareness


Women Gatherings

Cacao Ceremonies

I am a long time teacher and practitioner of Yoga, Dance and Pilates. I have 20 years of experience in the field of body awareness, mindfulness and body-mind-movement related practices, and I am well versed in anatomy and physiology of movement.

Over the years I have been searching for practices and techniques which improve our sense of well being, embodiment and self-expression, this drew me to undertake the Dance of Awareness Facilitator training, and to study Pulsing bodywork massage.

As a teacher my aim is to allow the student to find the authenticity of the body during practice and take ownership of it, and I will guide you through the process to find the present moment where mind-body-spirit are in communion. My style of teaching is immersed in the practice of observing the body as a process to find health, strength and resiliency. My main work as a teacher of teachers is to help the inquirer to find their own voice and recover their birth right, which is I believe, the deeply felt sensation of being alive and able to relate with the environment we live in with grace.

Thanks and I hope see you soon in one of my offerings

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