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The Chakra Experience

February 20, 2016 - February 21, 2016


 Chakras are centers of organization for our human consciousness; they give us a map to help understand our physical, mental and emotional states. These centers are critical regulators of the flow of life energy.

Each of chakra has a specific form of expression in relation with a body part, gland or organ; and also in correlation with a movement pattern, a way of thinking, and our emotional life as well as cognitive development and physiological events; giving birth to the Self, all of which I like to think of as the central nervous system comprising the brain and spinal cord with all its nerve terminations through out all the body.

The chakras live in the vertical axis of the spine and brain align with our central nervous system. If you want to meet in the face of God start to look inside and get to know your nervous system, which are all of your perception, reflexes, impulses, responses, reactions, patterns, and all the involuntary processes it governs.

The notion of Self or ‘I’ is a conglomeration of experiences and impressions from our past experience coming from our family, society and culture. These are inheritances we are grateful to have but there are some patterns we wish to recognise and change, if we are to evolve as individuals. The chakra system is one of the clearest maps to access the information needed and change these patterns.

Learn the communication with each of these vortices as it expresses its self through your system. Each has a story to tell and a specific gift as they spin through our bodily sensations. It is easy to identify when a chakra is under or over active in any given event in our lives if we just get to know them.

This workshop is experiential in nature, which means we will give the space to feel how the chakras express themselves, by sensing the specific body parts in relation to each chakra, and feel how it affect the mind and emotional state. Then through guided visualizations and movement explorations, we will incite the system to feel the energy of a balanced chakra; once you feel it and recognise it you can then do it yourself. As you feel the free-flow of energy it will be easier to identify when the chakra gets off balance. This will help you to know the body-mind in the moment by providing access to the information stored is the felt, somatic sense around the chakra. The provided theory behind this process will be helpful to do so as well.

Usually once one chakra is out of balance it will affect the chakra below, above or indeed all of them, and so due to the nature of the chakra system is important for the participant to attend the whole chakra workshop in order to bring the changes needed to fruition.

I have been running these chakra workshops since 2003 arriving at the conclusion if you want to work with the chakra system as a map to get to know yourself, it is imperative to feel them all. This workshop is experiential and each energy vortex is intricately related with the whole.

The aim of this workshop is Unity, Self-Understanding, Self-Help and eventually with all the tools; Self-healing.

Join me on an inner adventure in the deep ocean of your own Self. The workshop is not just purely yoga, I blend a wide range of practices, which I have been studying the past 15 years of being deeply involved in the chakra system. Practices as such as crystal healing, Yoga, Pilates, Chi Kung, physiology, anatomy, continuum movement, somatic movement explorations, structural movement integration, Authentic Movement, dance therapy and developmental movement patterns.

We will have tools to access the fascinating inner world of emotions, sensations, thoughts, dreams, movement expression and language to have them all meet at the final frontier; the universal consciousness.


February 20, 2016
February 21, 2016
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Marcela Wakeham


The Yoga Garden
c/o Knepp Wildland Safaris, Swallows Lane, Dial Post
Horsham, Sussex RH20 4AE United Kingdom
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07789 000641

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