Experiencing prevertebral movement patterns (online)

5 Days online workshop

prevertebral patterns of movements develop in utero within an aquatic environment, they are shadow movements we carry from our deep ancestral animal evolution.

These is a 5-day Movement LAB classes. An invitation to explore and remember our movement origins, that underlying our forms of expression, practicing them have a rich potential to alleviate body-mind problems at the root level facilitating a connection with the evolution of our consciousness and our innate connection with Earth.

Acceptance and curiosity will guide this Movement LAB inquiry!

Price £90 (email me to book the full 5 days)

You can take individual lessons for £20, please book through my booking system


Friday 15th July 19:00 – 20:30 / Teachings of the Amoeba

Relates to cellular breathing, the first organic pattern, the exchange of gases through the ebb and flow of fluids passing through membranes. Underlies all activity of movement. It is initially established within the earth’s oceans and continues with each of our cells, swimming in the internal sea of our bodies. Through cellular breathing we experience life force.

Saturday 16th July 10:00 – 11:30 / Teachings of the Sea Star

Relates to navel radiation patterns within our bodies. It is the first pattern of locomotion into space. In this stage, all of the extremities are differentiated and then integrated with each other via our navel centre, experiencing the equal grounding of all our cells into the depth of this central hub of self.

Sunday 17th July 10:00 – 11:30 / Teachings of the Tunicates

Relates to the mouthing pattern in humans, establishing the formation of our first primitive midline way before spines, the elongated digestive tube taking nourishment from the environment and giving it back to Earth. Underlies the process of one’s perception of the outer world via the special senses of the head, and the efficiency of one’s movement initiated from the head.

Friday 22nd July 19:00 – 20:30 / Teachings of the Lancelet Amphioxus

Relates to the prespinal pattern, the “soft spine” emerging with the appearance of the neural tube which precedes the development of the central nervous system. Experiencing this pattern, we can feel our central core as safely flowing yet strong, with a sense of inner calm and effortlessness.

Saturday 23rd July 10:00 – 11:30 / Movement Integration

On the final week we will dance trough all our ancestry, the development of perception and movement throughout the embodiment of this key evolutionary stages. Their understanding is gained by experience, as for it to have meaning for you, you must explore it experientially yourself, and gain your insights based on the consciousness of your own practice.