DAY RETREAT – SATURDAY 21st December 2019

£50pp – 100% of profits from this retreat will be donated to Tree Sisters

(a global network of women working to restore our tropical forests).


Join us this Winter Solstice for a day retreat away from the consumerism often associated with this time of year.   Bring your open hearts (and warm winter clothing) and spend some time in communion with the earth in the stark winter beauty of the Knepp estate.  Ana Marcela Wakeham will take us on a journey through movement, embodied ecology, reflection and ceremony to a place where we can experience our wild selves in deeper harmony with nature.

This will be a day of celebration, supported by Mayan cacao ceremonies, embodied yoga practices, chants and dance.  A day to come together to celebrate our time on this earth, honouring our ancestors and learning from the wisdom of our body.

Please bring a little vegetarian food to share at lunch time.   We have partnered with Tree Sisters ( and offer this retreat with the sole aim of raising funds for reforestation projects.




Riviera Maya, Mexico

3rd – 12th February 2020 – 9 nights – 10 days

(£1950 pp single accommodation / £1650 pp for 2 friend sharing)


(£1800 pp single accommodation / £1495 pp for 2 friend sharing)

This retreat is very unique, crafted by Mexican yoga teacher Ana Marcela. Her spiritual indigenous heritage runs deep within her blood and she is delighted to offer you a journey in her homeland of Mexico.

It’s a time to restore your vitamin D deficiency in February by walking in the dense Mayan jungle, or lying down on a white sand beach surrounded by turquoise waters. Learn about the richness of the pre-colonial culture visiting incredible Mayan Temples, and immersing in the America’s Indigenous heritage by cultivating your connection with Mother Earth through yoga and traditional Mayan ceremonies.

Ana Marcela will offer a mix of yoga and pilates lessons, Mayan meditation journeys, Cacao and Temazcal ceremonies with Shamanic drum circles and Dance of Awareness ™.

You will leave this retreat feeling inspired by a practice that heals, improves and integrates the processes and qualities of body and mind, both on and off the mat.

“Awaken my children

The sun rises over the horizon, Gleaming on the awakening city.

I rise from my sleeping chambers, Surrounded by wheat, corn fields.

Blooming flowers forming scents like perfume, Their sweet aroma engulfing me whole”

Mayan Poem by JazEli


Price Includes

  • 9 nights in a secluded villa in the Mayan jungle

  • Breakfast and dinner in the villa

  • Transfer and entrance to Tulum Ruins

    Transfer and entrance to Coba temples

    Transfer and entrance to the Cenote

  • Morning and afternoon yoga/pilates/meditation sessions

  • Temazcal Ceremonies

  • Sacred Cacao ceremony & drum circles therapeutic session of Dance of Awareness ™

​You will have the opportunity to work closely with Ana Marcela who will support you through a subtle process of inner discovery

**Please note the price does note include lunch, however fresh fruit will be available throughout the day. The kitchen is free for use.

Meals out during the day trips are not included.

*This retreat does not include flights. You can book direct flights to Cancun.  Please contact us for advice.


  • Pre yoga snack of tropical fruit, fresh juice, and tea.

  • 90 min yoga practice in our jungle yoga studio.

  • Breakfast – fruit, juice, tea, coffee, bread and eggs any style.

  • Free time: Could be a jungle hike, steam bath or relaxation by the pool.  There is a gym for those with extra energy!

  • Massage treatment (extra cost).

  • 90 min candle lit slow flow yoga, pilates and meditation.

  • Dinner.

  • Relax under the stars with the jungle night sounds in the background.


A £250 deposit secures your place.

The balance is due 3 months prior to departure.

Please note: If the trip is cancelled due to low numbers, the deposit is fully refunded.

Please contact us if you would like to pay in monthly instalments.



Throughout the retreat you will have the opportunity to work closely with Ana Marcela who will support you through a subtle process of inner discovery.  This program is a combination of self-exploration and powerful yoga practices that promote letting-go, and releasing negative emotions and experiences that hinder your personal flourishing and inspire you to cultivate your full potential with a refreshed experience.

Morning Practice will start with an exploration of the body systems, getting to know how to tune in to the simplicity of the present moment by slowing right down, listening and feeling what is in the here and now; breath, sounds, movement, emotions etc. Every body system expresses itself in a different way, telling a story that maps our consciousness. Ana Marcela will craft the yoga lessons to give you the opportunity to understand that every part of the body belongs to the whole and the whole body is one with the mind…

Afternoon classes will be an exploration of core awareness with some Pilates and embodied mindfulness meditation practices.


For thousands of years ancient tribes have considered cacao as a sacred plant with healing properties. Not only was cacao used in ceremonial settings but also it was renowned as a medicinal plant that aids in the healing of and opening up of the heart’s circulation. Due to it’s heart opening qualities, cacao is a perfect pairing with meditation, yoga, dancing, and therapeutic work. It facilitates greater connection to other people and to ones self. It’s sure to add certain sacredness to your personal practice.


Temazcal is an ancient steam bath that has been used for relaxation, healing and purification purposes for thousands of years by Mayans and other  Mesoamerican  and North American (sweat lodge) civilizations. The name temazcal is derived from Nahuatl word temāzcalli (house of heat) or possibly from the Aztec word “teme” (to bathe) and “calli” (house). The ritual ceremony is performed by a shaman in an authentic sweat house. The steam is produced by pouring hot water over the “abuelitas” (grand mother stones) Natural herbs are used to purify participants. The experience ends with an optional dip of cool, clear water.

Ana Marcela has been following the traditional ceremonial sweat lodge or “Red Path” since 1998 with the North America Lakota Tribe when she used to live in the Sonora Desert. She received her initiation in 2015 as a “Temazcalera” (sweat lodge leader) in her hometown Jalisco, being honoured as “Illamacuatli”  (Eagle woman) or Medicine woman within the Mexican therapeutic tradition.


The villa is a beautiful colonial style hacienda, surrounded by a forest of old trees and embraced by the sounds of nature. The architecture is indigenous to the area, with elements of colonial structure and Mayan charm. It highlights simplicity and functionality, offering tradition and modernity.  There is a terrace-dinning room, rest area, pool, lounge, gym, yoga studio, spa and temazcal. The Villa offers an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, perfect for rest, mystery and adventure, while enjoying the warm atmosphere of the Caribbean jungle.  All rooms in the villa have two double beds and an en-suite bathroom.


Experience the richness of the Mayan culture, white sand beaches, luscious jungle, sacred groundwater sinkholes, and astonishing Mayan temple sites. During this retreat we will take several accompanied excursions to discover some delights this rich country has to offer.



Tulum is a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. It’s known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. The ruins are situated on 12-meter (39 ft) tall cliffs along the east coast of the Yucatán peninsula on the Caribbean sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya. The main building is a large stone structure called El Castillo (castle), perched on a rocky cliff above the white sand beach and turquoise sea. Near the ruins is the Parque Nacional Tulum, a coastal area with mangroves and cenotes (natural limestone sinkholes).


The ruins of Coba lie 44 km (approx. 27 mi) northwest of Tulum, in the State of Quintana Roo. Coba means ‘waters stirred by the wind’, an appropriate Mayan name as this settlement is surrounded by two large lagoons, Lake Coba and Lake Macanxoc. The site contains a group of large temple pyramids known as the Nohoch Mul, the tallest of which, Ixmoja, is some 42 metres (138 ft) in height.  Be prepared for a 120 steps that lead to a remarkable view of the Yucatan and non-public areas of Coba including both lagoons. The site is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world, and it contains many engraved and sculpted stone monuments that document ceremonial life and important events of the Late Classic Period (AD 600–900) of Mesoamerica civilization.


A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. The word Cenote is derived from the local Mayan word “D’zonot”.

Cenotes were considered sacred by the Mayans, where they would make offerings to the Gods. Mayan artefacts are sometimes still seen today under the water of some cenotes.

The Yucatan peninsula has over 30,000 cenotes. Lush, clear water, with an irresistible turquoise, blue or green hue. Some are completely underground (cenote caves), others are partially open, and some are more like small open lakes.  We will have the time to explore (and bathe) in these beautiful sacred waters



A £250 deposit secures your place.  The balance is due 3 months prior to departure.

Please note: If the trip is cancelled due to low numbers, the deposit is fully refunded.