Planting trees with Tree Sisters

Donation £45

If you would like to participate in this February New Moon ceremony (now offered via Zoom) you need to sign up by Wednesday 11th of January to receive your ceremonial medicine bag. In the bag you will have all the instructions for the preparation of the ceremony which will take place 17:00 – 19-00 hours.

some of the profits from this ceremony are donated to Tree Sisters, enabling us to fund the planting of around 500 trees per ceremony. Join us and find new and creative ways to thrive in this new reality, by holding the light and staying centred and grounded through ritual, meditation, prayers and positive thoughts. More than ever we need the defining comfort of ceremony in our lives and the lives of those around us. Engaging in ceremony inspires us to actively participate and fully experience our journey through life. When we help those around us to bypass fear and anxiety, we are fully awakened and we have the ability to access our highest forms of intelligence and creativity while remaining grounded and effective. We understand who we are in the world, and how to survive and thrive no matter what life throws at us, helping us in stepping into service to all.In Cacao Ceremonies we ask the spirit of cacao Ek Chuah to grow and clarify our heart intentions.

Ek Chuah is a sensuous spirit, it helps us to feel what is under our skin, it mobilises what is impeding our hearts to feel and relate with our life purpose.





“I am Ana Marcela Wakeham, a somatic movement practitioner, I have been blessed to learn this ceremony through my blood tradition in the cold towns of the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. This is the way we communicate with each other when we want to speak our truth.”