Marcela’s teachings was hugely inspiring so alternative to each pupils needs and beautifully combining dynamic Vinyasa Flow, detailed allignment, meditation and theory with fun laughter and passion.

Martha Heiland-Allen

Marcela is amazing, for both beginners and advanced she guided us through a completely different routine every session to work through our entire body, breathing techniques and meditation. Marcela is so inspiring and motivating. I never thought I would have the patience or stamina to last twice daily for the week, but thanks to Marcela I’ve been able to attend every class and continue the good work now I’m back in the UK.

Jess Gywther

I look forward to Marcela’s class, and am disappointed when I have to miss it through work commitments. Marcela’s class combines Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness. After my weekly class, I feel centered, stretched, invigorated, uplifted and more attune with my body. After one year of taking the class I feel stronger, more grounded, my body is more aligned which helps me in my life and work.


Marcela was a fantastic patient teacher with me, as a yoga beginner, making me feel like I could do any of the poses and helping me to do just that.

Becky Owen

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful insights you gave me in anatomy and the sense of the body in general! I do a lot of self-practice every day now, doing non-habitual movements, “weirdo-movements” I have such a different feeling of my body now. I feel light and relaxed and this is great! And I am grateful for this. Your approach and your way of teaching it, really impressed me and changed my view of yoga and the daily practice. Thank you!

Jane Pain



Sara Raeburn Make Up Artist and Beauty Expert

I have been attending Marcela’s weekly Pilates class for the last 3 years. Each of her lessons concentrates on different parts of the body which means it is always interesting and varied and never boring! Marcela ensures she takes into account each persons individual needs and capabilities as well as the needs of the class as a whole. She always explains each movement carefully and regularly demonstrates how it should be done ( and not done!) Marcela has a regular and loyal client group which only goes to prove what an effective teacher she is. I also had a weekly pulsing bodywork with Marcela for 9 months. She was very intuitive and sensitive to the changing needs of my body and I found the whole experience decreased my stress levels and mobility. I loved it!

Line Götz

I really enjoy and benefit from regular Pilates classes with Marcela. I really like the mix of Pilates and mindfulness, and Marcela is always a joy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes to all age groups, and do try the Dance of Awareness sessions as well if you are up for a new experience! 

Andra King

“I have been attending yoga for beginners and Pilates and can not tell you how much these have helped me. Ana Marcela has the most amazing calming nature and her classes are so therapeutic for the mind as well as the body. She explains each movement so thoroughly and the reason why and wear you should feel it, so you completely understand how it impacts. Ana is so patient and kind and will gently, subtly help shape you into where you should be. Her lovely accent also adds to the ambience. There is no pressure to worry if you are doing it correctly as in some other classes I have previously attended and the small classes ensure you do get personal attention. Ana really understands the body and gives us all complete confidence in the fact that we are helping ourselves by being there. When her class is finished, my body feels totally different and my mind feels totally calm and happy. I LOVE it! Ana Marcela is a real credit to the Yoga Garden”

Annie, Yoga Garden

“I started Pilates with Marcela a year ago because I was training for a marathon and wanted to work on my core. What I wasn’t expecting, was to find the most exceptional teacher in Marcela”

“She is kind, patient, supportive and funny but most important is the breadth and depth of her knowledge when it comes to the body, how it moves and Pilates. She is truly amazing and the reason I have kept going for the last year and will continue to. The way she teaches is awesome in every sense of the word”

“Each class is different but consistently leaves you feeling amazing. My core has improved and in turn my running but most importantly that hour every week has taught me how to connect with my body in a different way than ever before in my life”

“After one class where we used a ball to get our pelvis in to a neutral position as well as our upper back I could not believe that when I got in my car the next morning I was actually sitting inches taller! To the extent that I had to adjust my rear view mirror and contact Marcela to thank her”

“I would highly recommend her class to anyone wanting to start Pilates. Classes are always welcoming and one of the things I love most is about 90% of it is done with our eyes closed, so you can really focus on your own body and how it is reacting to each movement. This takes away any uncomfortable feeling that people might see you doing something wrong and lets you really engage with yourself and concentrate”

“I have also found Marcela’s teaching techniques so clear that I do many of the stretches at home now too between classes as I have learnt to recognise when tension in my muscles is pulling me out of alignment and making me ache. Marcela’s classes have given me the tools to relieve this any time, any place”

“Thank you for everything Marcela”

Becky Pratley, Lancing



“I am 52 and have suffered with fibromyalgia with severe restless legs, chronic stiffness and lower back pain for several years and have also had 5 major surgeries in the last 5 years so subsequently had become weak, unfit and over weight. Previous to this I had been a keen horse woman and walked my dogs 10 miles a day without blinking. That fitness stopped about 7 years ago”

“I have been doing Structural Therapy with Marcela for a few months and consequently, I have not experienced a flare in my conditions since mid December (I used to have a flare at least every 10 days) . My stiffness has greatly reduced and am a lot more flexible than before. My mood has improved greatly and I feel that Marcela has changed my life for the better in the short time I have been attending the classes”

Amanda Jones

“Marcela’s approach is fascinating, her invitations to explore are full of texture and she help me feel my full self; a magnificent organism. I felt completely free inside my body. I felt beautiful and able to express myself with more fluidity than I imagined possible”

Rachel, Brighton

After 18 months of suffering chest, neck and head pain and basically feeling dreadful and getting nowhere fast with conventional GP methods, I looked elsewhere for help. I had battled for so long in pain and with very little sleep, I couldn’t see I how could go on much longer in such an exhausted state. How long before I broke completely? I found myself crying so much, I stopped engaging with others in case they asked how I was

Marcela showed me how to relax and how to release the tension in my body, especially that held in my jaw and neck. By following her practice and allowing myself to just be really helped, especially with my sleep. She concentrated on my areas of pain and gave me simple movements to do to relax these areas. Sometimes the movements included making sounds, which after an initial feeling of self consciousness, I found very effective.

After our 5 sessions of Movement Therapy I feel more energy and practical no head / neck pain. The need to take pain relief for headaches has gone. My children have noticed a difference in my mood, which was so needed. I feel more positive and able to socialise more. This is due to now knowing a few simple techniques to calm my body when I start to feel it tense. How to alter my posture to release the building tension. I would 100% recommend anybody with ongoing / chronic pain symptoms to seek help from Ana. Stress and tension on the body begin to affect your daily life in ways you can never imagine until it happens to you. The movements she uses are so simple and adaptable anybody with any complaint could benefit from them. The need to broaden our minds and look further than the pharmacy for help.

Melanie Brown

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