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I created a cacao blend for our moon rituals, it has been blessed with the Spirit of IX CHEL, the beautiful Mayan moon Goddess. She’s our Lady of the Light, “she who sees the way forward with unclouded vision.” Ix Chel is the patron saint of medicine, midwifery, healers and ‘curanderos’, mother of mothers, she is O or Zero. Mother of Ek Chuah, the cacao and warrior God, she is a Triple Goddess to the Mayans. Each of her roles is personified by each stage of the moon cycle.

In the first aspect is “The Rainbow Lady“; young woman, the maiden, the virgin, sitting on the crescent moon embracing a rabbit. She who sends the rain to nourish the plants and living creatures. The second aspect is “The Mother” the full moon, holding a flower or a child to represent life and fertility. The third aspect, “The Crone”, the “weaver of life” with a snake that acts as a tiara, sometimes with a kilt made up of crossbones, connected to the waning and new moon.

Ix Chel blend contains adaptogens mushrooms, turmeric and cardamom, and it has been blessed by ceremonial songs during the preparation, to strengthen the potency of the ritual.


How to prepare a cacao ceremony cup

I usually sell the ceremonial bag which is 42g, but every body is different, and some people can be very sensitive to the effect of he medicine. In that case 25g to 30g of cacao is enough for a ceremonial dose, as well as for early morning dose.

A meditation dose could be 10g to 15g

Each ceremonial bag will be delivered with 42g, but can be customise.

Because I use the heart shapes is very easy to measure your  intake. Each heart weights approximately 6g to 7g. Because is hand made they tend to be different.

  • All hearts for a ceremony
  • 3 hearts for a good wake up morning cup
  • 1-2 herts for a meditation low dose before bed

If you are preparing for your kids one heart will be a great cup for them.


£6.30 for 42g including postage in UK

To all purchase please contact me and I will send you a paypal link



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