Embodied practices

The Clinic is a One-to-One Experience 

Address: 141 Tower Road BN15 9JL
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One to One Yoga & Pilates

One-to-one lessons are great for healing injuries

Getting confident and get the basics before joining a group class

Or you need to understand how to navigate an injury during the practice, so you can do a variation of a posture or exercise.

You want to develop your practice with expert guidance for practicing at home.

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Pain Management therapy

A more in depth exploration of your symptoms

A trauma informed approach to healing

Wholistic therapeutic approach to pain or trauma

Going in to the root of the cause of pain and trauma

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What I want, my wish, and my mission is for all attending my classes and offerings is to feel and to live heaven in the body.

I wish all of the people in my studio have the time, space, willfulness and courage to explore the inner sensations. Find the so-called pain and transmute it in a golden opportunity to find its purpose. 

I desire that all people can feel that being in their own bodies is safe and comfortable, I want to convey in my classes the feeling that if we provide all the elements, the body can heal itself, because body is hardwired to do that. Our bodies constantly are creating balance throughout all systems, we just need to feel it. 

When we do that we will find our way home, our self-expression, I called novelty in movement, that can give us goosebumps and surprise us. 

We can do that, I’m sure, all of us can do it. If you have a body my studio is open to work towards this lovely goal. To create heaven in body-mind-spirit, as they all are one. 

Sincerely, Marcela