Women's Circle with cacao

“In the Circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there is no one behind you. Nobody is above you. No one is beneath you. The Circle is Sacred because it is designed to create Unity”

– Lakota Wisdom

What is a women's circle?

A women’s circle is a place to seek refuge from the day-to-day activities in an environment with same-minded people, in this case, women, seeking to share experiences that are just mundane but they contain the secrets of our wisdom. In ancient times women shared their stories in an attempt to seek knowledge from the experiences of other women as well as to find advice in the stories of others to find support in each and to seek validation and recognition in a world where serving, caring and tending our families as a woman is not considered a sacred job.

Why with Cacao?

Cacao is the medicine of the heart, and it is an extraordinary plant to helps facilitate meditation journeys, setting intentions, connecting with our hearts, releasing blockages, and creating the opportunity to contact with positive emotions.

Fridays 7 – 8:45 pm – once a month


cacao rituals

What is a cacao ritual?

A Cacao Ritual is a subtle way of working with the spirit of X’Kakaw, they are a type of shamanic healing. 

The invitation is to experience the wisdom of the Tolteca-Maya oral tradition, through somatic movement journeys, enabling you to embody the myths and culture of our ancestors

After ingesting the Sacred Cacao beverage, we invite the spirit of X’Kakaw (the generating force of Cacao crops), to come to us and clarify our heart intentions. She is a sensuous spirit that will help us to feel what is under our skin, as well as will mobilize what is impeding our hearts to feel and relate with our life purpose. 

Part of the ritual is to remember the ancient Mesoamerican Myths, which is where it lies the richness of the Mayan culture preserved nowadays through the Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers that still speak The language and live by the ancient traditions.

  • I offer online and in-studio Cacao rituals, which are a 2-hour and 30 minutes long. Look on my Instagram for the next Ritual.

The Legend of Ixquic Ixtoj (pay-day) Cacao Ritual

Today on a day Kab’lajuj Toj in the Maya Calendar I invite everyone who would like to help Grandfather Efrén Hernández Maldonado, an  A´x Mein (Cacao Guardian)  and Mayan Priest in the zone of Tabasco and the people of Miahuatlan to gather enough resources to build a camping area on the farm’s land. The project requires an area that protects at least 300 people from the elements, with dry toilets, showers, and a feeding area. This space will serve to receive sisters and brothers around the world attending the Cacao Festival each year

I will offer an online and in-person Cacao Ritual on Friday 25th of August at 4-6 pm BST to gather money for this cause. I will offer my movement medicine ritual, embodying the Legend of “Ixquic” On this legend lies the story and tradition of agricultural ceremonies offered in the Cacaotal every year, performed by Grandfather Efren, which are the Ceremonies of Forgiveness, and the Ceremonies of Gratitude.  

  • People attending online will be £20, and people attending in-studio will be £25. BOOK HERE

If you can  not attend and want to donate please go directly to the page AIRFUNDING