Embodied Workshops

The mind-body connection is made through movement awareness 

Practices of Letting Go
(Online) 10th June 19:00 - 20:30

We might hear that for a new experience to unfold inside of us is necessary to let go. But sometimes or actually the majority of the time the concept of letting go is much more in our minds. That’s it, it’s just a nice concept. But what if I tell you that letting go is as physical as your bones, muscles and joints? What if I tell you that the physiology of letting go is so easy to feel and understand?

Also, you have heard that emotions sometimes store in our body, so that is the reason why we experience the same thing again and again till they crystalize in a habit, pockets of energy that numb the body so we are unable to feel.

In this workshop we are going to set up a physical foundation practice to understand the physiology of letting go, or surrendering to something that has been lurking for quite a while and is needed to release in order to open up for the new experience.


Experiencing prevertebral movement patterns (online 5 days)

July Week one

Friday 15th 19:00 – 20:30  Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th 10:00 – 11:30 am

July Week two

Friday 22nd 19:00 – 20:30  Saturday 23rd July  10:00 – 11:30 am

prevertebral patterns of movements develop in utero within an aquatic environment, they are shadow movements we carry from our deep ancestral animal evolution.

These 5-day Movement LAB classes will be an exploration to remember our movement origins, that underlying our forms of expression, practicing them have a rich potential to alleviate body-mind problems at the root level facilitating a connection with the evolution of our consciousness and our innate connection with Earth.

Acceptance and curiosity will guide this Movement LAB inquiry.

Individual workshop £20 Taking all together £90

Embodying the Sacred Cacao ritual (Online training)

5ht September to 19th November 4 modules of 13th days each

What is the embodiment of the sacred Cacao ritual?

Is the study and transmission of the wisdom of the Mexica and Maya oral traditions, through the embodiment of the mythology and shamanic journeys such as soul and destiny retrievals.

This program can be taken as a way to navigate your inner journey and spiritual discoveries, as well as will give you the tools to learn a traditional Cacao Ritual

This is an ONLINE program, can be taken as a 4 days Immersion, or take the extended program of 52 days with Cacao, four modules of 13 days each.

4 days immersion

Price £ 160

52 days with Cacao

Price £560

Early Bird discount paid in full before 1st August

4 days £140

52 days £495

Jade Egg Workshop 25th June (In Studio) 15:00 - 17:00

I have the honour to receive my first guest healer and teacher Michelle Roberton, to give a 2-hour workshop of the art of Jade Egg. 

Jade egg has the potential to dramatically change how we think and feel about who we are in body, love and sex, so we deserve for this to be kept in the same level of intimate wisdom that it was given in centuries ago and most importantly for each woman to feel supported and that she has a place into which ask questions and seek advice.

Michelle says…

“I do not feel we would birth our babies without ensuring we had all the support we need, and this is equally so with something as sensitive exploring your woman~ness with Jade egg” 

“You want to ensure you are being given all the information you can get, the most accurate information and individual support”

Price £125 (does not include jade egg)