Ana Marcela Wakeham

Ana Marcela Wakeham is a Senior Yoga teacher and a Movement Therapist, specialised in experiential anatomy and physiology of movement, a QiGong Instructor and 15 years of experience teaching Pilates.

Marcela is a Pulsing and Mayan Shawl massage bodywork practitioner, and she is authorise to facilitate Dance of Awareness™ workshops. A dance group therapy. Licensed by Tim Brown and Clare Osbond, the creators of this group based therapy. And a devotee practitioner of continuum movement.

She has developed her own clear insight in how to blend all her practices from a deep introspective and experiential knowledge in Anatomy and physiology of movement, which she expresses in a fascinating and easy way.

Marcela’s main focus is to bring the attention to the inner-self through being in touch with the body and working with breath awareness, using the practices as a moving meditation.

She invites students to experience the anatomy and physiology of their own bodies and expression of the felt sense with somatic exercises, conscious explorations, imagery, and visualisations.

What Marcela says:

I am very exploitive and curious by nature, so my embodied practices have a blend of what I have been learning along the way. All of my classes are open for total beginners and for advance inquire practitioners.

My Teachings are deeply rooted in a somatic sense of the Self. Somatic is a Greek word which means “Pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within” Thomas Hanna was the first person who coined this term. On his own words Somatics is the field which studies the soma: namely the body as perceived form within by first-person. Hereby Somatics is the study o self from the perspective of one’s life experience, encompassing body, mind and spirit.

My style of teaching drowns in this field of observing the body as a process to find health, strength and resiliency.

My classes might be challenging as I will encourage the participant to take self responsibility in the course of the experience. Once the psyche enters the field of self perception by feeling the movement and allowing the space of inquiry, a sense of ownership of the body and mind will arise. In other words you will know what are you doing with the technic you are undertaking and you will learn to listen to your own teacher: the body

I will guide you through the process to find the present moment where mind-body-spirit are in communion. The physiological respond is delicious. From ancient indian practices this is called sidis: powers form the Sadus, indian masters who find themselves by self-observation.



A degree in Contemporary Dance and teaching since 1997. Pilates certification studying with Michael Miller since 2003, Chrystal Healing therapy and Chakra Balancing therapy since 2004, a yogi since 2006. Marcela is a Senior yoga teacher certify by the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. Other certifications include: Hatha yoga in the well renewed yoga center ‘Ananda Yoga’ in Argentina; Ashtanga Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga certifications with the ‘BSY Group’ in London; Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Still Flowing Teacher Training, ZhiNeneg QiGong Certification by the Integral Institute in Mexico City in 2014,  Dance of Awareness facilitator certify in 2015 by Brighton School of embodied Therapy and a current Pulsing bodywork practitioner, studying with Guy Gladstone and Richard Lawton. 

She teaches anatomy and physiology of yoga and movement in:

Still Flowing Yoga teacher training since 2009, at the Yoga Garden teacher training since 2012, and Om Yoga London Teacher Training since 2017.

Arts & Therapy

Marcela studied Contemporary Dance at Sonora University, Mexico, (1997-2003) She is a profesional dancer and has had her own Dance Company with which she has perform in multiple locations. Additionally she studied Crystal Healing with the renowned therapist Ana Silvia Serrano with whom she studied the healing effects of gems and crystals in the human body and the Psychology of the chakra system. She is also the creator of “Organodanza”, a workshop where she blends chakra therapy, crystal healing and contemporary dance. Currently she is exploring in her advance inquiry workshops with Dance Therapy, Authentic Movement and Dance of Awareness.

PULSING BODY WORK PRACTITIONER, Marcela trained and qualified with Guy Gladstone and Richard Lawton students of Curtis Turchin the founder and creator of Pulsing technic.

MAYAN SHAWL MASSAGE, An ancient Mexican massage technique that utilizes blankets and shawls to achieve an important emotional connection, creating a rhythm in which relaxation and self healing activate the metabolism. She studied this technic with her curandero (Healer) mentor Rogelio Villalobos in Mexico

Below is a list of teachers who have inspired me and who shaped my understanding of this practice, teachers I had the honor to be with and receive their knowledge from, all my gratitude goes to you!

Bo Forbs, Liz Koch, Gemma Mallol, Sarah Powers, Aki Omori, Ajahn Sucitto, Sabrina Rosenberg, William Holtby, Paddy McGrath, John Stirk, Catherine AnnisMichael Miller, Guy Gladstone, Tim Brown, Clare Osbond, Cherionna Menzam, Sarah Powers, Eduardo Osegueda, Rogelio Villalobos,  among many more amazing teachers.


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