Embodied practices

Body awareness base classes to awaken the ability of the body to self-correct through breath and kind movements


Somatic Yoga

Somatic Yoga is a practice that helps students to find inner support and self-regulation, using the own body’s sensory system.

It is the action to stay present through movement, listening deeply to the needs of the body. It is not about progression, or achieving a goal in the postures, but the opportunity to access the biological system’s intelligence align with the innate fluidity of the body


Pilates is a technique which offers a means to improve many aspects of everyday  life: from sitting and walking more comfortably to enjoying daily movements without pain.

The lessons are slow and gentle, they will help you tone postural muscles, release pain and will help you balance your nervous system, for a good night sleep.

The Studio is located at 141 Tower Road BN15 9JL at the back garden of my house.