Private Yoga & Pilates Sessions

Private sessions provide the perfect setting to address and meet individual needs. They will help to gain confidence to attend group classes, improve posture,  deepen your practice, answer questions or simply to help you move deeper in to the next step for your practice life.

Each session is unique will depend on the person’s needs, limitations, abilities and interests. The work format will vary from different techniques such as Pilates, Yoga, fascia release or bodywork as needed, these techniques will be put together on an intelligent sequence to achieve the desire result.

Is important for me to hear the client’s history and interests in seeking help. Once on board I will observe alignment, proportion, posture and movement patterns to identify and have a map of specific areas of tension and slack so we can work to bring the natural equilibrium in the system


  1. Write me a mail or lets have a phone call
  2. I want to hear about you
  3. Let’s arrange a suitable time for both of us, I work Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. See time slots in the timetable below 
  4. lessons are for an hour in length
  5. Individual lessons are £45.
  6. Up to 3 lessons will be £40
  7. You need to pre-book and pay your lessons via phone or email.
  8. See you at my Studio