one-to-one cacao sessions

A one-to-one session with the medicine of cacao as a spiritual facilitator is a shamanic practice that will help you reconnect with parts of your Self that are reddy to be re-connected to feel fully present and embodied.

How does it work?

One of the common causes of illness is soul loss coming from modern-day problems that derive from a variety of traumas we experience. As we embark on a spiritual path we might need guidance to expand our awareness into the animistic world of the spirit to wake up abilities that have gone dormant, such as intuition, imagination, sense of connection, belonging, and sensing the world from different part of ourselves. This is a task that needs to be witnessed, validated, and guided.

In the session, we will use many medicines.

Mayan Spirituality * Cacao Medicine * Movement Medicine * Shamanic Journeys * and Somatic Experiencing (when needed)

Each session is 2 hours long. Please contact me for bookings.

Contribution of £95.