Cacao Circles


Thanks for signing up for this upcoming Cacao Ritual where we will embody the Emergence myth of the Maya on Sunday 24th of March from 11 am -13:00 pm UK time. This event is over Zoom. Click the button below to join on the day, as this is a life event! 

This Myth invites us to go through the depths of our shadows and let them be felt, so, we can be able to recognize them and probably let them go as they come to the conscious felt sense. It is a ceremony of giving thanks, a death and rebirth ceremony.

Our ancestors give us clear instructions on how to pay attention to the cycles of life, we understand the importance of living life in ceremony and celebration so we can start the transformation that brings us in sync with Earth’s resonance, and at this time is the end of the Winter and coming into Spring.

It is very important to know that the pathway of the sun will be eclipsed in April, so this Spring Equinox – lunar moon eclipse period (19th – 25th of March) is an introduction to the energies of a purification process for the Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 8th of April.

So, thanks for joining me in the journey of conscious beings in contact with our humanity and the precious Earth Spirit. Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine that will help us bring all our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in contact with our hearts.

  • Note: Before joining make sure you have ceremonial cacao, no need to prepare it beforehand we will do it together.

The Three Medicines in Embodying the Sacred Cacao ritual 

  1. The Medicine of the Transmission of the Mayan Spirituality. The spirituality is in the ancestral stories, legends and myths written in the Popol Vuh the sacred book of the Maya Qiché, as well as in the richness of the oral tradition, acknowledging that cacao is a community of spirits living on the land it grows; the Jungle. 

  2. The Medicine of Cacao. Cacao is a wonderful ritualistic plant that helps us to keep our life purpose tangible. When we invoke the Spirit of Cacao, the plant mobilises within our arteries and veins to help us to remember that we are here on earth to create
  3. Embodied Movement Medicine.  I will breach the worlds of somatic movement and the Sacred Maya Cacao Ritual through the embodiment of the myths and stories, to bring to life the ancestral agricultural Cacao Ceremonies back to life in our urban bodies.

52 Days with Cacao, an In-depth Study

What is Travelles Between the worlds Embodying the Sacred Cacao Ritual?

It is the study and transmission of the wisdom of the Toltec and Maya oral traditions, through the embodiment of the culture and mythology around our sacred Cacao plant medicine, through somatic shamanic journeys (entering into altered states of consciousness through movement, breath-work, and embodiment) 

This is an in-depth program of 52 days of drinking cacao. Can be taken as a way of navigating an inner journey with the sacred Cacao plant, and help you to connect with the spiritual dimensions of life, as well as to enhance your Cacao offerings. The purpose and aim of the program are to pass the Oral Tradition and to actually learn it; to awaken the seed living inside you of the original cacao intention and mission on Planet Earth, which is to open the heart portal.

why joining a cacao ritual?

We need the touch of ritual to survive the burdens of time and the way of daily life, and it is more true at this time than in any other time, because it seems that the modern world is drifting away from what is eternal, the spirit within all. 

Healing means that we need to re-orient ourselves into the center, or into the invisible access to the source of life, this center is an imaginable place that is not fixed in a particular place but can arise into any place, whenever we call it, whenever we imagine it, whenever we feel into it, and is in the space of our own hearts connected with the heart of Sky and Heart of Earth

In some cultures is called the sacred 5th direction, a place of origin talked across all myths and all origin stories of the ancient worlds, also known as the Tree of Life, this 5th dimension is the vital dimension, and when we are in touch with it we feel we can start over, everything seems possible again, but to be in touch with the fifth dimension we need to alter our disposition of life, we must enter into a sacred space to connect and align with the divine, to that that we can’t see with the naked eyes, but clearly we can feel it, sense it with other parts of ourselves. 

The plant medicine of cacao in her seeds already has the 5th pattern on her anatomy. Her spirit helps us to enter into the Sacred 5th heart dimension to heal our life burdens and connect with who we really are, and in the process remember why we are here, which is our mission and our life purpose.