52 days with cacao

Embodying the Sacred Cacao Ritual

Discover the history of mesoamerican cultures such as the Tolteca and Maya through the embodiment of their sacred myths around cacao  

What is the Embodiment of the Sacred Cacao Ritual?

It is the study and transmission of the wisdom of the Toltec and Maya oral traditions, through the embodiment of the culture and mythology around our sacred Cacao plant medicine, through somatic shamanic journeys (entering into altered states of consciousness through movement, breath-work and embodiment) 

This is an in-depth program of 52 days drinking cacao. Can be taken as a way of navigate an inner journey with the sacred Cacao plant, and help you to connect with the spiritual dimensions of life, as well as to enhance your Cacao offerings

The purpose and aim of the program is to pass the Oral Tradition and to actually learn it; to awaken the seed living inside you of the original cacao intention and mission on Planet Earth, which is to open the heart portal.

Cacao comes from the stars, from the moon and the Pleiades, it carries a subtle energy that when is approached with respect has the potential to change your whole life.

52 days with Cacao

4 modules of £95 each

Dates below

Travelers between the worlds

Overview. 4 modules of 13 days each.

Every module will initiate on a weekend with a four hour Zoom session in the afternoon 16:00 – 20:00 pm (UK time) Following with 12th days of self-study, meditating with cacao, read below for more info about this period.

In total, 52 days with Cacao. Four modules of 13 days with a two or three months of rest period. 

Why 13 days?  the number 13th is a sacred number in the Tzolkin Maya and Aztec calendar. Something we will learn on this program


Each Module is of 13th Days

Module One. Sunday 2nd of July 2023 – 1 Kan 

Module Two. Sunday 17th of September 2023 – 13 Iq

Module three. Saturday 13th of January 2024 – 1 Ajpu

Module Four. Sunday 31st March 2024 – 1 Tijax

travelers between the worlds program

Each session will include: The Toltec and Maya history, myths, and legends around Cacao, guided somatic meditations to help you embody the tradition, as well as knowledge of the types of cacao, the reason it is used in ceremonies, and recipes, including the importance of asking permission to the Spirits and Cacao Guardians, opening and closing prayers and songs, embodied shamanic journeys, with detailed study materials such as PDF presentations and a  workbook for each module. After the initial four hour zoom call on each module, will follow a period of 12 days of self-study drinking cacao daily, reflecting on the material learned during the call, this might take the form of journaling, meditation, prayer, or reflection around the work with each of the four guardians, including as well what intuitively arises within the participant through working with the cacao medicine; in dreams, life experience and the many possible ways the Spirit communicates to the student through the elements, spirit animal, plant kingdom and the rest of the natural world.  Throughout the 12 days of self-study, the student will be supported with coaching and guided meditation instructions, and with ongoing Q&A group contact.

Module One: Cacao Medicine as a Resource

Sunday 2nd – Friday 14th of July 2023


  • Why Cacao is a Resource?
  • Cacao as a Medicine for Soul Retrievals 
  • Why we set up intentions during a Cacao session?
  • What is Cacao Medicine?
  • Mayan and Aztec Cacao etymology 
  • Cacao Deities
  • History of Cacao origins
  • Cacao benefits
  • Cacao categories & characteristics
  • Some considerations when drinking Cacao
  • Your Tzolk’in Mayan birth sign.
  • Your Tonal sign in the Aztec Calendar Tonalpohualli
Ritual: The Legend of Quetzalcoatl, Toltec Cacao Origen Story.

One of the oldest stories from the Mother of all Mesoamerican cultures, the Olmecs. This story recounts the origins of Cacao from the Olmec/Toltec oral Tradition, which is re-told in the prayers of the Chontal-Maya communities in Tabasco, Mexico during their agricultural ceremonies. Marcela will take you into to a journey to embody this ancestral Olmec story, to igniting in your physical body the original mission of Cacao medicine on planet Earth and understand why Cacao medicine is now re-emerging at this time.

Module Two: Cacao as Spirit

Sunday 17th – Friday 29th September 2023


  • The Sacred seeds: Corn and Cacao
  • Why Corn and Cacao are important to Maya cultures
  • The dual spirit of Cacao
  • Cacao in rites and festivals
  • Physical benefits of Cacao
  • Cacao properties
  • What does Cacao contain?
  • Cacao and modern slavery
Ritual: The Maya Emergence Myth

Corn has always been sacred across all America indigenous cultures, and for a link to cacao, it’s worth exploring the sacred Mayan text called the Popol Vuh, the book of the creation story, which states that to create humans The Maker and The Creator used corn to create the body. The connection and symbology of these two plants for the Maya are intrinsically related. In ceremony they hold many meanings and associations that we are going to explore and hopefully embody. This ceremony is special to plant the seed of change as it is a death-rebirth celebration.

Module Three: Cacao Recipe of Rebirth

Saturday 13th – Thursday 25th January 2024


  • Cacao presentations
  • What is the alkali process?
  • Cacao as a currency with the Mexica
  • Cacao biodiversity
  • Cacao varieties
  • Relationship of Cacao and monkey
  • How to cut a Cacao pod
  • Names of all parts of the cacao cob
  • Cacao process
Ritual: The Legend of the Hero Twins

The act of processing cacao beans from; fermentation-drying, roasting, peeling, grinding and pouring them in to water, is not only a cooking process but also is a symbol of rebirth and power that parallels the stages of cacao processing with the legend of the Hero Twins defeating the trials and tribulations of the Underworld Lords and their self-sacrifice act to be reborn as two fish, subsequently becoming the sun and the moon. Cacao is thus a spiritual food deeply connected to the identity of the Maya. On this ceremony we will embody the Cacao Process.

Module 4: Cacao as a healing vehicle

Sunday 21st March – Friday 12th April 2024


  • Cacao flower
  • Pollination
  • In the Cacaotal
  • The Cacao ancestor
  • The Guardians of the Cacaotal
  • Sacred animals of the Cacaotal
  • Types of ceremonies
  • How to name your Cacao offerings
  • Cacao dosages and considerations
Ritual:The Legend of Mama Xkik’

The Maya oral tradition of Tabasco tells us that Xkik’ is the Mother of Cacao, Ixmucane is the Grandmother. This ritual will be an entrance to communicate with our ancestral heritage to ignite our indigenous connection. We will embody the long-lost agricultural harvest Ceremony of “Gratitude” which is performed every year in the Cacaotal, during the Blood Moon, learning to invoke the ancient Feminine Spirit of Ix ’Kakaw, and her heritage. In this Ceremony we will receive the blessings and be welcomed by our Grandmother ancestors. 

Embodying the Sacred Cacao Ritual, at the Soma shala, Devon (Four Days Intensive)

 A Four day immersion studying the wisdom of Cacao Rituals in person in the beautiful surroundings of the Country side in Devon in a beautiful studio The Soma Shalla, 10 minutes form Ashburton UK

During the program you will discover and experience the history and legends of  Mesoamerican cultures through the embodiment of their sacred myths around Cacao, so you can understand why cacao it is used in ceremonies, as well as how to connect and ask permission to the Day-Keepers and Cacao Guardians.


September 19th  & 10th, 2023  –  April 13th & 14th, 2024

Contact me directly to book a space

Marcela Enriquez

I am a Medicine Woman, I work with the medicines of Cacao, Sweat Lodge and Movement Awareness. I am a Movement therapist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (in training).

I recover the memory of the traditional cacao ceremonies studying with the Cacao Guardians of the Maya Chontales tradition in the state of Tabasco Mexico, such as,  Grandfather Efren a Cacao Guardian and my Cacao Mentor (in the photo) and  Maru Albor Bibian my Cacao Teacher

I have been living in the way of ceremony since I was very young through the sacred Red Path, my teacher Rogelio Villa-Lobos Jaguar guided me and taught me the art of therapeutic sweat lodge.