Movement Therapy

Movement therapy refers to a broad range of Western and Eastern movement approaches used to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Both therapies are drawn from a deep inquiry of natural and intuitive movement explorations rooted in embodied awareness, the aim is to create a change of old movement habits, a journey in to the feeling sense on how your brain organizes your body posture, and how we construct a sense of self.

The Physical benefits of movement therapy include great ease and range of motion, helping with balance, strength, flexibility, improving muscle tone and coordination, joint release, and cardiovascular conditioning.

They are good for ease up and in some cases cure physical conditions such as:

  • Rheumatoid degeneration
  • Neurological stress
  • Back pain
  • Left & right imbalances
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Releases muscular tension and joint stiffness
  • Improves physical flexibility, balance and co-ordination

Since movements are related to thoughts and feelings, movement therapy is beneficial in alleviating emotional distress. The physical freedom facilitated by movement therapy leads to greater emotional openness, adding an increase of self-esteem and self-image. Movement therapy can also be used as meditation practice to quiet the mind and expand the breath, fostering self-knowledge and creativity

Emotional conditions that movement therapy can help are:

  • Eating disorders
  • Excessive clinging
  • Depression
  • Releases emotional stress so decreasing anxiety
  • Encourages deeper, more relaxed breathing

I use several technics in to my practice such as:


is a unique form of hands-on bodywork resembling the functional technique of osteopathy, except that each movement occurs within a matrix of continuous rocking motion applied to the whole body, as a form of movement re-education and postural integration, Pulsing uses a very gently and nurturing approach in an attempt to increase body awareness and sensitivity.

Mayan Shawl Massage

In traditional Mayan medicine, rebozos (shawls) are used to align the spine and relieve back pain, this is done with rebozos that are tied at the waist or around the arms and hips to align the spine, giving you an immediate sensation of relaxation and liberation. The therapist will rock your body using a shawl with the intention to liberate muscle tension and bone misalignment, giving mobility to joints and muscles, as well as to assist lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation.


Pilates or physical Mind Method, is a series of nonimpact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, alignment of the spine, and inner awareness. Since this method strengthens and lengthens the muscles without creating bulk, it is particular to aid core strength and for injury rehabilitation.


The ancient teaching of yoga are great for postural alignment and movement in general, excellent to find how to connect with the whole of the body

Rolfing Movement

Is a movement education system for developing balance, support of an action in the gravitational field, is based on the concepts and work of Ida Rolf the author of Structural Integration or Rolfing, a type of manual therapy that aims to improve human performance. The body is seen as a unit rather than to treat particular symptoms. Rolfing movement integration evaluates a person’s normal patterns of walking, standing, sitting and various other activities to help a person to achieve a freer and more balanced movement, releasing specific holding patterns.

Trigger Point Massage or Neuromuscular Massage

Trigger point refers to a localised “knot” of tense muscle which, when stimulated, evokes a pain response elsewhere in the body. Usually the knots are solidifying fascia tissue. Trigger Point massage use soft balls to stimulate and dissolve the “knot”

Embodied Mindfulness

Embodied mindfulness is about to practice how to clear the mind by feeling the vibrancy of body’s sensations. The Technique is a non-invasive re-educational technique, with excellent therapeutic benefits. It is a practical way of learning to release unwanted tension and increase appropriate tone, so that we can move more freely and easily. For healing to occur is essential to learn hot to move your body and mind with a quality of presence and investigation in to what is happening in to the present moment.

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    Scheduling sessions

    One session of Pulsing should be enough for the Pulser to assess whether you as the client will benefit from continuing with the process and for you to have an idea of whether Pulsing will suit you. Is advisable to have at least three sessions, can be of great benefit even though we tend to address only the surface layers and most obvious strain patterns.


    • On the day with cash
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    Cancelation Policy

    Missed appointments will be charged at full fee if less than 24 hours notice is given.
    To avoid this unpleasant situation please notify me via telephone, text or email as soon as you know that you will be unable to turn up, if I can fill the space there will be no charge.

    What to Wear

    I want you to feel comfortable but equally it s important that I can see you and work so the following options are suggested:

    • Loose fitting cotton vest & shorts
    • Two piece swimwear (one piece will do for men!)

    Please DO NOT WEAR Bicycle shorts, panty girdles and other garments containing heavy elastic or lycra as they are impossible to work through.

    How you can help to get the most from your sessions

    Pulsing doesn’t force change – it invites it. In other words it is not a passive process, which is “done” to you but a joint effort between Pulser practitioner and client to explore new options and possibilities in an open and safe environment. It is important therefore that you be fully involved and committed to your process, trying to stay present during your sessions and making some effort to complete any homework suggestions between sessions.

    My Commitment

    I am committed to be fully supportive of their client’s process, during, between and for a reasonable time after treatment. I am therefore, always available to discuss any concerns, which come up for you as a result of the work and can also refer you on to another specialist if your issue is beyond my scope as a Pulsing bodywork therapist

    Safety, Confidentiality and Code of Ethics

    I am bound by a strict code of ethics and receive extensive training in how to ‘create a container in which change can happen’. This means creating an environment and working practice in which both me and the client can feel comfortable. This involves setting and maintaining clear and appropriate boundaries and ensuring that all client information is kept strictly confidential.


    Pulsing Bodywork is contraindicated for people with certain medical conditions. It is your responsibility to declare all medical conditions at the outset or obtain the consent of your doctor before being Pulse if you are unsure. In the unlikely event of a circumstance arising in which you are entitled to make a claim for damages against me, my public liability insurance is with: – Yoga Alliance Professionals.

    Consent to touch

    It is necessary for the Pulsing practitioner to touch your body in order to assist you in establishing balance and alignment. By agreeing to these terms & conditions it is understood that you give permission and consent for me your practitioner to do all that is necessary to achieve this aim, including but not limited to touching your body. This does not affect your rights to refuse or decline any part of the treatment, which you find uncomfortable or unacceptable.



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