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Asana Evolution For Injury Prevention, The Psoas

This workshop is part of the Asana Evolution for Injury Prevention Series. On this series we will explore in detail parts of our body that relate with the whole, meaning with our physical, psychological and emotional being. To address this we enter in to the understanding of how we move will affects our health, and

Anatomy Of Movement

Anatomy of Movement (part one, the nervous system) In this workshop we are going to learn the relationship between our musculoskeletal anatomy and the nervous system and how they inform each other. We will start by moving from a cellular level to feel our fascia matrix, and perceive our whole inner and outer structure by

Asana Evolution For Injury Prevention, The Pelvis

Many injuries and degenerations in yoga don’t occur from a single event injury but are more likely due to repetitive movement patterns and poorly constructed postural practice, developing slowly over years or decades. Injuries and pain in areas such as the knees, hips, pelvis and lumbar spine are preventable if we nurture the method and

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you with the tools to take your Yoga Training Clases to the next level. We offer a unique all-inclusive anatomy program designed to meet and exceed the requirements established by Yoga Alliance at the RYT200 level.

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