Cacao spirit initiation &
somatic movement

Discover the history of mesoamerican cultures such as the Mexica and Maya through the embodiment of their sacred myths around cacao  

What is a Cacao Spirit Initiation & Somatic Movement?

Is the study and transmission of the wisdom of the Mexica and Maya oral traditions, trough the embodiment of the culture and mythology around our sacred Cacao plant medicine.

This is an in depth programme of 52 days drinking cacao, which can be taken as a way to navigate your inner journey with this sacred plant, it can help you to connect with the spiritual dimensions of life, as well as it can give you the tools to be able to learn how to offer traditional Cacao Ceremonies. 

Our intention is to transmit to the participant the knowledge of Cacao; from the history and legends, why it is used in ceremonies, the types of cacao, recipes, and all the traditional ritual involved in a ceremony, as well as how to connect and ask permission to the spirits and Cacao guardians. In these workshops the participant will learn how to sit in prayer and to communicate with the spirit of Cacao as a medicinal plant.

The aim is to provide a tool to navigate life with more ease with the help of this beautiful ancestral plant which has been used for thousands of years in Mesoamerica.

This workshop can help you with:
Resolving internal and external conflicts, communicating your truth, communicating in a more loving way, communicating with Spirit, developing the ability to listen, unblock emotions, and help you to have access to more life insights and creativity

This is an ONLINE intensive program of four modules of 13 days each, starting:

Monday 5th of September to 19th of November


4 modules of 13 days each.

Every module will initiate a Monday with a three hour Zoom session in the afternoon 18:00 – 21:00 pm (UK time) Following with 11th days of self-study. The last day of the 13th days period we will be integration day, with a Zoom call of 2 hours 18:00 – 20:00 pm. Following with  a week of rest.

In total, 52 days with Cacao. Four modules of 13 days with a week of rest in between each module.

Why 13 days?  the number 13th is a sacred number in the Tzolkin Maya and Aztec calendar.


First 13th period

Monday 5th September – Saturday 17th September

Second 13th Period

Monday 26ht September – Saturday 8th October

Third 13th Period

Monday 17th October -Saturday 29th October

Fourth 13th Period

Monday 7th November – Saturday 19th November.


Each session will include:

The Aztec and Maya history, myths and legends around Cacao, guided somatic meditations to help you embody and lead traditional Cacao ceremonies, as well as knowledge of the types of cacao, the reason it is used in ceremonies, recipes, and all the ritual involved in a ceremony, including the importance of asking permission to the Spirits and Cacao Guardians, opening and closing prayers and songs, embodied shamanic journeys, with detailed study materials such as PDF presentations and a handout work book for each module.

After the initial zoom call of each module will follow a period of 13 days of self-study drinking cacao daily, reflecting on the material learned on the call, this might take the form of journaling, meditation, prayer, or reflection around the work with each of the four guardians, including as well what intuitively arises within the participant through working with the cacao medicine; in dreams, life experience and the many possible ways the Spirit communicates to the student through the elements, spirit animal, plant kingdom and the rest of the natural world. 

Throughout these self-study and practice modules the student will be supported with coaching and guided meditation instructions, and with ongoing Q&A group contact.

On the final day of the 13th days will be a second zoom call of 2 hours to integrate the experience and sharing circle, taking place on Saturdays.

Last module will be guided by Maru Albor Bibian, she has been working extensively with the sacred Cacao medicine and other Sacred Medicines such as Rape and Ayahuasca in Mexico and Brazil. She carries first-hand the transmission of the Maya Oral tradition from her teacher, Grand Father Efren.

In total will be 20 hours of life online teachings and 52 days of coaching journey.

Price: £560

Just open for 8 paces


Marcela Enriquez

I am a Medicine Woman, I work with the medicines of Cacao, Sweat Lodge and Movement Awareness. I have 20 + years teaching movements such as dance, yoga and Pilates. I am a Movement therapist and a Somatic Movement Educator.

I recover the memory of the traditional cacao ceremonies studying with Maru Albor Bibian, she taught me the ways of the Maya tradition and make me remember the sacredness of this practices through her undivided love for the cacao plant and the Cacaotales she visits in Tabasco Chiapas.

I have been living in the way of ceremony since I was very young through the sacred Red Path, my teacher Rogelio Villa-Lobos Jaguar guided me and taught me the art of therapeutic sweat lodge.

I have had the honour to follow the wisdom of the Mexica oral tradition through my teacher Teotecpatl Santin-Martinez, I found in his talks, stories and teachings an incredible aliveness of our Sacred Traditions.

Maru Albor Bibian

Is a medicine woman, she facilitates ancestral medicine ceremonies with Rapé and Cacao. She is an energetic therapist working with reiki and chakra balancing, as well as she does group and one-to-one healing sessions, as well as women circles with medicine songs and prayers. She lives in Mexico City.

Maru has been learning the traditional ways of relating with cacao from Grand FatherEfren Hernandez Maldonado, a Maya elder from Tabasco Chiapas, he leads seminars around Mexico in how to grow Ceremonial Cacao taking care of the precious and sacred Cacao plantation biodiversity. Both together lead conferences and ceremonies in Mexico and chiapas.