Dance of Awareness


Today’s conversation is with two of Marcela’s teachers, Clare Osbond & Tim Brown of the Brighton School for Embodied Therapy, here in our home county of Sussex in the UK.

Clare is a body psychotherapist with specific experience in working with trauma, movement, and mindfulness. She also has an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and offers body-centered, movement, and sensorimotor psychotherapy, as well as an ongoing women’s movement therapy group.

Tim is a body psychotherapist with a background in Deep Bodywork, Embodied Relational Therapy, Postural Integration, Authentic Movement, and trauma work. He brings a gentle curiosity, creativity, and warm humor to his work. He believes in taking the body seriously as it holds deep wisdom – and that we just need to listen to it, and trust what it tells us.

Together they developed Dance of Awareness, a group movement practice that aims to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance.

They both have such knowledge and experience that we could have easily just spoken to them about their individual practices, however, our focus for the podcast was their work with Dance of Awareness. They explain the therapeutic value of movement, developmental psychology, and the affirming effect of being witnessed and witnessing ourselves. We also discussed how Dance of Awareness can help with trauma, what this means, and how it is realised in the body.

They have said that ‘the moving body is the form in which consciousness grows and explores its self’, and when that movement is done there’s a return to the ‘ground of awareness’. Seen in this light, their teaching connects participants with mind, body, and spirit through movement and is spiritual in nature.

Clare leads a beautiful couple to exercise to explore our feeling and relationship towards Support at the end of the interview that we loved participating in. We hope you do too.


– You can find out more about Brighton School for Embodied Therapy on their official site here.

– Dance of Awareness can be found on Facebook too.

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