Cacao Spirit Initiation & Somatic Movement Podcast

Welcome to another bonus episode of The Body Knows Podcasts. These feature in-depth discussions with some wonderful individuals Marcela is working in partnership with to provide some upcoming somatic offerings. We’d like to think that no matter if you participate in the offerings or not there will be insights and wisdom in these conversation nonetheless.

This bonus episode is very special for Marcela. She is speaking with Maru Albor Bibian, her ceremonial cacao teacher, about one of her core embodiment practices; the art of cacao ceremonies.

Maru facilitates ancestral medicine ceremonies with Cacao and Rapé. She also provides both group and one-to-one healing sessions, as well as leading women’s circles with medicine songs and prayers, and is an energetic therapist, working with Reiki and chakra balancing too.

Cacao ceremonies are one of the most beautiful ways to enter into deep inquiry of what is to have a body, and what is to have a soul and connect with the Great Spirit. It was actually through tapping into the wisdom of her body that Marcela awakened this ancient memory, this ancient medicine, coming from her indigenous background.

Once this seed was awakened and begun to bloom she entered into a quest to find her initiation. In every indigenous tradition you must be initiated or have the sacred wisdom of the ancestors transmitted orally, encoded in the language. And this is how she found Maru. She gave Marcela the honour of transmitting to her the essence and life of the Tabasco Jungle where her teacher lives and tends his cacaotal. Both Maru and Marcela we were born and raised in the great city of Mexico Tenochtitlan.

If you are interested to be initiated to offer Cacao Ceremonies please go to my activities

Watch Video of me dancing under the influence of Cacao

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