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Awakening The Spine, Kundalini Elixir

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Hydrating vs. Dehydrating tissue

Movement is the most important factor (next to water) for keeping our tissue subtle and elastic. The process of fascial hydration contributes to the feeling of pliability and suppleness; therefore movement is key.

Fibers within the muscle work in a complex balance of relaxation, contraction and stretch. Strength comes not just from the size of a muscle but its neurological maturation. It is important to start to recognize and feel the muscle movement in all directions and orientation in space.

When we do our practice via repetition stimulating just one way path to the same muscle fibers by performing over and over the same movement the tissue start to work in just one way path reinforcing a faulty way of moving, this will not necessary increase the range of motion, actually it will just repeat conditioned ways of moving.

This is the reason and the importance of slowing down, because as we slow down we can apply more choices of movement during the postures. Also we give time to recognize the muscles that haven’t been functioning and we can observe which muscles need to release as they have been in overdrive. In this way the tissue will be able to move in new ways opening up new neural pathway.

Primal movements such as undulations and spirals will bring fresh choices to the muscle tissue; it is a process of unfolding and awakening an internal strength by continually returning to sensory awareness within the core and aligning with the force of gravity, in this way inner coherency can manifest; a process, which implies a playful and fresh exploration of movement.

Awakening Our Somatic Felt-Sense

Body and Mind are closely related in terms of energies: When we are anxious or stressed we feel bodily tense and compressed, when we feel happy; we feel bodily light and bright. What the mind feels the body feels in terms of energies, and where the mind gets stuck the body will feel stuck, numb or reactive as well.

The body cannot be fixed; we change in a slow organic way by working gently going where the mind-body communication has been broken. Giving the necessary attention using the same soft touch we approach a new-born baby we can re-establish contact thus regulating the autonomic nervous system.

How the Mind-Body Works: Our Physiology

Transformation involves unlearning old patterns and learning new ones. Direct embodied experience – being deeply in touch with your body on a feeling level is the key, in this way we change at a cellular level.

In neuroscience this is called neuroplasticity. The modern understanding of the brain is that rather than being a static structure, this organ is constantly remodelling itself. Repeated thoughts, actions and feelings can rewire the brain, creating new neural pathways, thus creating new ways of being. If there is no repetition, the nervous system will not be able to create a highway. If the information is always the same, the highway will be dug in like a trench and the nervous system will loose its plasticity.

Recovering Sensation through Movement

Working with our body-mind and somatic felt-sense will be a process towards the path of Self-understanding, Self-regulation and Self-healing.When we start to explore new ways of moving we restore sensation to areas of the body which haven’t been active before due to an accident, injury, emotional shock or trauma. As every movement will be partnered with a sensation, the return of sensation may be upsetting, as they can be attached to unpleasant memories.

Pleasurable sensation may sometimes be as hard to integrate in our system as painful ones. If pleasure is associated with guilt, shame, denial or just usually comes from external substances such as food, alcohol or sex it may take time to awaken and integrate pure simple physical pleasure.

If during the practice from these somatic exploration in the video makes you bring uncomfortable bodily sensations as shortage of breathing or extreme emotional reactions and memories, is recomendable to sick help from a qualified body orientated trauma-healing therapist, as a complementary way to approach deeper issues that may arise from this work.

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